Salviati presents Barena

“Barena” the new Salviati tableware collection

The birth of “Barena” the new tableware collection made with Murano blownglass by Salviati, composed of drinking glasses and carafes.

The “barena” is a pristine land of the Venetian lagoon, where time is beaten uniquely by the rhythm of the tide. A typically Venetian element from which it came the inspiration for “Barena” carafes and drinking glasses collection, characterized by a delicate and elegant design, marked by vivid and sparkling colors, emphasized by silhouettes that remember the increase and decrease of the tide.

A versatile collection that enriches the meeting moments around the table and suits every style, from shabby chic to the Scandinavian one. Drinking glasses and carafes with shapes and colors that perfectly match with different material such as raw wood, slate and marble.

Designed by Alberto Lago, “Barena” collection is composed by Murano blownglass carafes and drinking glasses, handicrafted in the Island following the traditional Muranese techniques. The drinking glasses with a capacity of 33cl are produced in six different colors combined with three glass processing techniques: polished, torsè and rigadin. The carafes with a capacity of 75cl are available in aquamarine in the same three textures of the drinking glasses.
The packaging chosen for this collection reprises the traditional Salviati orange color and is designed as an important chest that safeguard the set of six glasses or the carafe.

“Barena” collection will be on sale starting from March 8th 2021 on selected store and exclusively on Salviati official e-commerce