Salviati made to measure

Discover, select, transmit, inspire and advise.

Salviati collects the creative stimuli and design of its customers and transforms them into a reality of Murano glass. Starting a shared journey through reciprocal suggestions and inspirations. Companies contaminating each other to forge made-to-measure collaborations along the path of glassmaking history, deciphering the latest trends in the world of design.

To achieve the highest quality results possible, Salviati considers all the artistic, emotion and technical aspects of costumers in equal measure, providing ideas and image strategies that are concrete, innovative and completely original.

Creative solutions for unique projects

Attention to detail and a willingness to experiment are the cornerstones of Salviati’s exclusive made-to-measure service.

A harmonious union between the client’s requests and the creative style that has characterised the brand since 1859.

Established know-how and technical and artistic consultation

Salviati puts all its knowledge and skills acquired in glassmaking at the customer’s disposal, providing technical and artistic advice throughout the development process of the project, from reception to prototyping, all the way to delivery, supported by a specialised team that elaborates the custom-made solutions that are most suitable in terms of budgeting, production and design.

Glass as a bespoke Salviati suit

Salviati’s established experience in the field of custom-made products is translated in the ability to interpret projects of all kinds – from residential to commercial – transforming glass as a material into a bespoke suit adapting to different occasions, requirements, lifestyles.

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