Salviati world

Since 1859, Salviati has been researching new vernaculars languages of Murano glass interpreting and modernising its inexhaustible magic, in a continual flow of liquid and solid matter.
Salviati has always defined contemporary and design, a real trend-setter: after 160 years, it is within its DNA to surprise customers by innovating and satisfying their desire to be forward-thinking.

Salviati story: a history of innovation

In 1859, Vicenza-born lawyer, Antonio Salviati, started his glass works career establishing
Salviati & C. uniting the production of mosaics and enamels with that of blown glass, becoming an example of excellence throughout the world.
A tireless researcher, his furnace produced extremely sophisticated “lattimi”, intricately woven filigrees, opalescent glass with exquisite floral applications and aventurine threads.
Accuracy and precision, together with the initial obligation to attend the in-company art school, are the legacy that still today characterize its production.

Accuracy and precision

Each Salviati Murano glass piece is made with extreme care and attention: from nuances to reflections all the way to the form studies. Each production phase is carefully evaluated, every detail receives the respect it deserves.

Venetian identity

Salviati is the result of a tireless historical process that forged and influenced it: its contemporary glass is expertly blended with the thousand years history of Murano glass. Venice gives it both life and inspiration, while always looking outwards, towards the world.

A furnace of design and innovation

A place where new ideas are generated and given form, where form becomes light and light becomes space. Creativity needs room to breathe.

Salviati present and future: between tradition and contemporary design

Today, Salviati is a company that every day respects and celebrates the thousand-year tradition of Murano glass through its glass masters expertise in the furnace and thanks to a management that works daily to share the culture of artistic mouth-blown glass throughout the world.
A modern furnace that can optimize and innovate, accompanying traditional production with an research and development department where both ideas and people can evolve.
A future in which the organisation model is rethought, easing the synergic relationship between artist and glass master while always keeping a careful eye on the market of contemporary design and to environmentally sustainable approaches.

Discover Salviati’s world

The hallmark of Salviati products is the vivid and pure color: a unique palette rich in shades, which evolves with each collection, enriching the sinuous and elegant shapes of each object, from single flower vases, to delicate glasses, to floor lamps.