Salviati presents its new collection “Lido”

Salviati Unveils the Lido Collection: A Journey Through Venice’s Luxurious Heritage

Salviati, renowned for its exceptional Murano glass creations, proudly presents the Lido collection, an exquisite range of vases crafted using the “incamiciato” technique. Designed by Alberto Lago, Salviati’s artistic director, this collection pays homage to the natural and architectural beauty of Venice’s Lido.

Drawing inspiration from the Beach of the Hotel Excelsior and the historic Art Nouveau-style villas, the Lido collection encapsulates the grandeur and elegance of the Golden Island. Two central themes define this collection: “Amaranti,” symbolizing splendor and luxury, and “Liberty,” reflecting the early 19th-century architectural influence on the island.

Each piece in the Lido collection is a testament to Salviati’s profound connection to Venice, blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design. These vessels and decorative items are not just functional objects but also artistic expressions of Venice’s rich cultural heritage.