Salviati exhibition in Padua

"The Magic of Glass. A Glance Through Salviati's Lens".

Padova, Italy – February 21, 2024 The ethereal charm of glass merges with artistic mastery in the exhibition “The Magic of Glass: A Glimpse Through Salviati’s Lens,” set to enchant art and beauty enthusiasts in Padova on Wednesday, February 21, 2024. Organized at the Padova headquarters of Studio Withers, the event promises an extraordinary experience for glass enthusiasts and those wishing to immerse themselves in the fascinating universe of contemporary art. In collaboration with London Trade Art and Withers, the exhibition pays homage to the Murano glass heritage and its modern artistic interpretations. Established in 2018, the “Withers meets art” partnership aims to promote contemporary art, serving as a bridge between tradition and innovation. The inauguration took place on February 21, 2024, at Caffè Pedrocchi, in the Sala Rossini on the Piano Nobile, featuring an engaging conversation where Salviati, London Trade Art, and Withers discussed the role of art in exalting local excellences and peculiarities, exploring the various facets of glass art and its evolution in contemporary context. Through this exhibition, visitors will have the opportunity to discover extraordinary works, immersing themselves in a world where tradition blends with innovation, giving rise to unique and evocative creations. A unique opportunity to be part of a cultural movement that celebrates beauty and creativity while exploring the intimate connection between past and present in the wonderful world of glass. For further information, please email