A special goblet for the one hundred years anniversary of the memorable venetian aperitif

Select, historic aperitif born in Venice in 1920 from the brilliance of Pilla brothers, founder of the authentic venetian spritz, has chosen Salviati to realize a piece of art that pay homage to its centenary.
A collaboration between historic Italian excellences that came alive with the development of a bespoke project, wich resulted in the creation of one hundred limited edition Murano glass goblets.
Salviati collected with enthusiasm the chance to tribute another Venetian excellence, by developing a made to measure project capable to reinterpret Select’s distinguishing features by combining them with Salviati history.
The stem glass becomes a trait d’union between these two worlds. The design evokes Select’s iconic elements: the ruby red color, the silhouette of the glass with a long stem on the label, the line of the bottle’s neck. The details recall the Muranese tradition such as the foot of the glass, decorated with a “rigadin ritorto” and the “torchon” stem that remembers the Venetian little poles.