The rediscovery of classics with a contemporary style

This collaboration perfectly reinterprets the new and passionate path followed by Salviati, opened up to the contemporary design scene in its most eclectic and fascinating expressions, creating new synergies between Company’s know-how and brands of excellence.
The project started from the rediscovery of extraordinary Salviati archive’s pieces, preserved at Murano Museum of Glass, by fashion designer and influencer J.J. Martin with the willpower of translate them into modern objects.
This collaboration was born in 2018 for the Milan Design Week, thanks to J.J. Martin’s unique approach reinterpreted by Salviati, revealing a limited edition of “tipetti”, glass goblets lavishly decorated tipically used during 19th century ceremonies, and a first collection of matte glasses paired with a monochrome carafe inspired by Salviati’s historic sketches.
The collaboration has strengthened during the years bringing to life the new “Rainbow” collection composed by water glasses and wine goblets, characterized by a mix of unique eight colors that enrich the table and decorate the space.