Delicate glass bottles decorated with a stain, the “sbruffo”, in the same colour of the stoppers. The irregular profiles of the walls accentuate a subtle smoky effect.
The Zefiro family includes a flattened spherical bottle and two slender bottles with a thin neck, each topped with two elongated bubbles that form the stoppers. Luciano Gaspari proposed this design for the exhibition Vetri Murano Oggi at Palazzo Grassi in 1981. Gaspari requested Zefiro to be made by Livio Seguso, Salviati’s head master in the years 1958-1968, who, by 1981, had become a well-established glass artist.

large — H 45 cm / L 11 cm — H 17.7 in / L 4.3 in
medium — H 41 cm / L 8 cm — H 16.1 in / L 3.5 in
small — H 24 cm / L 17 cm — H 9.4 in / L 6.7 in