Glass since

Founded in 1859, Salviati sits amongst the most prestigious glass manufacturers in Venice. Over 150 years of glass making knowledge and strong collaborations with international designers characterise a collection of timeless pieces of outstanding quality and design. Salviati today shows the ability to master the heritage of the Muranese legacy and explore the art of the possible.

Salviati’s products are highly recognisable for their strong narrative, creativity and distinctive design They embody the Venetian tradition and interpret extraordinary making techniques in a contemporary way.

Historically Salviati has worked with designers and artists with great sensibility and abilities to understand glass as a material.

What we do.

Salviati and its designers are committed to investigate the limits in making and exploring new aesthetics to create considered and powerful objects.

Salviati has worked with designers and artists like: Luciano Gaspari, Ingo Maurer, Ross Lovegrove, Amanda Levete, Tom Dixon, Nigel Coates, Thomas Heatherwick, Marco Zito, Luca Nichetto, Johanna Grawunder, Christian Ghion, Simon Moore, Heinz Oestergaard, among the others.

Salviati masters the ability to design custom solutions for specific needs, meeting clients’ requirements in the customisation of objects, spaces and systems for architecture, interior, product design and art projects.

Bespoke projects reveal Salviati’s uniqueness: the ability to understand the client’s needs and to design the most outstanding solution within budget and time.

Our team.

Salviati takes very seriously the responsibilities involved in being one of the leading manufacturer for artistic glass. We are committed to inspire a sustainable approach to the culture and the manufacturing of glass, to investigate the future of the glass craftsmanship, to lead a positive change with the confidence given by over 150 years of expertise.

In 2015 Salviati asked Simon Moore (UK), Norberto Moretti (FR), Dee Robinson (UK), Daniela Schoenbaechler (CH), Marco Zito (IT), Riccardo Berrone (IT) and Chiara Onida (UK) to form the Salviati Artistic Committee, an international team of glass experts, architects, designers and artists. The Artistic Committee advises on artistic and strategic decisions and overlooks the work of the Salviati team.